Homemade Hummus

Within my Little Health Bunny blog, I will give you recipes that I use every week - that not only taste great and are homemade, but are also much more simple than people originally think.

So after teaching three yoga classes today, I headed for the fridge to pick (obviously) and devastatingly there was not a lot in there. I averted my eyes to the lowly cupboard where low and behold I found myself... a box of chickpeas. Last year I made hummus almost everyday and succumbed to consume the entire pot each time. Funnily enough, 230g of chickpeas and raw garlic cloves aren't that easy on the digestive system, so I may have had a temporary hummus ban. However, I broke the ban today and paired the creamy dip with a delightful soil covered carrot delivered this morning from Riverford.

This hummus takes less than five minutes to make and trust me, it is so much tastier than shop bought. Now, I do not claim that this is necessarily the best recipe out there but I'll be honest... I've eaten my fair share of hummus... I am picky and this is hands down my go-to recipe.

The first question - to skin the chickpeas or to leave them? Unless you are adamant that you want the smoothest hummus out there, I would strongly recommend saving ten minutes of your time... and your life. So please - leave them.

The second question - which chickpeas to buy? Yes, of course you're blending them so ultimately it doesn't greatly matter, however my favourite chickpeas are Sainsburys SO organic, which are big, soft and make perfect hummus.

The third question - why are we still talking about chickpeas? Yep, my thoughts exactly. 

five minute hummus

230g chickpeas
2 tbsp chickpea water
1 minced garlic clove
1 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp cumin
juice of half a large lemon
lots of black pepper
salt to taste
chilli flakes (optional)

Blend all ingredients in the nutri-bullet, food processor or whatever you have to hand et voila.

Now. If for some obscure reason you don't love garlic, then I would recommend using half a garlic clove or a small one - personally I like a little fire in my throat! And If you have no tahini in the house, I promise that leaving it out won't ruin your hummus, however buy some on your next shop because it's super high in vitamin e, the b vitamins and it makes a dreamy dressing/sauce too.

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Ciao for now.