The First

My name is Kiri, I'm a 90's baby, the youngest of three and am 5ft 4. I am incredibly lucky with the most supportive family, loving boyfriend and am based in a beautiful little town in Kent called Tunbridge Wells. I am a yogi, more recently a yoga instructor and I’ve been teaching since the start of 2017. The premise of starting Little Health Bunny was for my gradually growing yogi community to keep up to date with upcoming yoga classes, events and news. In addition to that, I've wanted to start documenting and blogging for well over a year. Since the website is now live, I figured that there is no better time to embark upon my blogging journey. 

So why am I blogging? Little Health Bunny is currently on Instagram and is used similarly to a blog... however with the limited word count and general set up, it does not work the way I'd like. Day to day I get asked for advice about various topics, from activewear to motivation to nutrition to travel to recipes to yoga. I am delighted to share what I have learnt and essentially this blog will make life a lot simpler. In addition, I love writing. It's incredibly therapeutic to put 'pen to paper' and I hope someone will find value in the content.

The blog is for both yogis and non yogis, for someone who is perhaps interested in health, food and wellbeing or just anyone who is open minded and fancies a good read *if I say so myself*. Of course, yoga will be discussed and delved into; the philosophy, poses, history and meaning. Each week you can expect to see a minimum of two blog posts: one yoga related and one health/wellbeing related. You may be lucky enough to read the odd interview with local business owners, yogis, health practitioners etc. and you can bet that you will find some of my favourite recipes and healthy hacks.

I’ll say clearly now that I don't claim to know all about nutrition, yoga and certainly not life. I am simply learning as I go along my journey and decided that I want to share that with others. Please approach my posts with a kind and open heart and feel free to ask questions, leave comments or share if you feel there is something that others could benefit from. 


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