Sahasrara, The Crown Chakra

The seventh, the final chakra. This is located at the crown of your head as well as the area just above. It is the center for deeper connection with ourselves and with a force greater than us.

if it is in balance, you will feel at peace, in bliss, happy in stillness and have a great connection to the divine. Unbalanced, you may feel confused, greedy, insensitive, spiritual cynicism. Physically you may also find yourself with migraines, emotional depression and an inability to focus.

Inversions are great at connecting the body to Sahasrara chakra so if you can get into a headstand, handstand or shoulder stand. If one of these isn’t available to you, taking your legs up a wall and being comfortable with cushions, blankets is perfect.

Headstand in sweaty Betty with kiri in Tunbridge Wells

The most practical way to connect with the seventh chakra is through meditation.

Come into a comfortable seat or perhaps into savasana (lying down) if that feels best. Bring your awareness to the crown of the head… take a bright white light to this area, feel softness and warmth flooding from the crown down through the head, torso and legs. Try to focus for at least five minutes and see in time if you could gradually bring it to 20. A guided meditation that I love to do is one by Cat Meffan here.


Contact me if you have any questions about this chakra. We will be focusing on this for our classes during the week commencing 25th of February where we will have an extra long savasana propped up with blankets and eye pillows.

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