Coffee + Cleansing

In my last year at University, coffee was part of my daily ritual where I would take myself to the local Costa/Starbucks, drink my soya latte and spend six hours straight glued to my laptop #CrazyUniLife. Before that, coffee was never a necessity, nor something I even liked that much. Over that year I developed a routine in which I felt most productive, and an absolute non-negotiable essential of that routine was my 10am caffeine fix.

Your last year at University is generally the hardest and most stressful by a mile with dissertations and the looming unknown of post-University life.

little health bunny in london with coffee

Early into my last year I was stressed and began suffering with anxiety. My coping mechanism was to stay as routined as possible, which of course included my ritualistic coffee. Over the following months - my skin suffered, I lost weight, I started getting acid reflux everyday. I dreaded being in larger social scenes, bit my fingers to pieces and got palpitations. I didn't think coffee was to blame in any way so I continued drinking my one a day - holding the little warm cup in my hand.

The following year, my routine changed entirely and without intentionally doing it, I cut it out. After a couple of months I felt back to my healthy self. However, over the last year it has slowly crept back into my life and despite keeping stress at a minimum and maintaining a healthy diet, I've devastatingly started to see the negatives appear again. I know coffee can't be the only culprit, but I have to start somewhere... So coffee, oh coffee, it has come to this pivotal point, where I must say adios, farewell, so that I can get myself back on track. 

I've written about it to keep myself accountable and to share my experience. Having said all this... if you do love coffee and are ever in the Tunbridge Wells area, I will recommend Fine Grind as my favourite hideout, which does the yummiest coffee.

little health bunny and coffee at fine grind

In addition to all the coffee chat, my diet has been a little ad-hoc over the last month or two due to going back on the contraceptive pill (I'll elaborate at another point) and I am determined to get back on my journey to reduce/eliminate my acid reflux and get my gut back to a happy healthy environment. I'm also hoping to rebalance my hormones with diet, which is something I'll talk about later in the blog. If anyone wants to understand more about what I'm planning on doing and wants to join in with something similar, send me a message.

Yours decaffeinated-ly,

Little Health Bunny