Kiri’s lessons are brilliant, and really good value for money. Her knowledge and passion for both the physical and mental health benefits of yoga are evident, and she creates an incredibly friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The classes are lovely; not intimidating at all and Kiri explains how to do the poses so clearly you find you can do more than you ever thought you could! I can’t recommend her classes highly enough.
— Rosanna Heverin
The hall was beautifully decorated, the class was lovely from the beginning all the way to the very soothing savasana at the end and also thank you for the delicious turmeric latte, mince pie and goodie bag which were all a lovely surprise. My children each loved had a taste of the latte, a nibble of the mince pie and found something in the goodie bag they would like to have. A relaxing and happy day for all.
Kiri is a brilliant teacher, working through different routines each week to keep classes interesting and ensuring we continuously progress. She explains new positions clearly and is helpful and attentive. I have tried a number of different teachers over the past year and her classes are my favourite. I would highly recommend Kiri’s classes to both beginners and more advanced yogis.
— Harriet Richardson
Kiri teaches yoga in an educated and gently authoritative way. She puts us (women of a certain age ++) through our paces and we all end the session feeling uplifted emotionally, spiritually and physically.
— Christina Kershaw
Thank you Kiri for introducing us to yoga so beautifully and so graciously. Even our middle aged bodies thrived into those positions you put us in week in and week out. My daughter not only got a good buzz from the classes - her posture improved and felt more grounded. You’re a five star teacher without a doubt.
— Daniel Goldberg
Yoga with Kiri has helped to begin rebuilding my body since the birth of my baby boy. She has completely understood what I wanted to achieve from a 1:1 and I am so enjoying getting back into it with her help. Her understanding of the poses and what they do to your body is incredible and I can feel myself getting stronger with each class. During our 1:1s, I feel comfortable and Kiri helps me forget other things on my mind so that I can fully focus on myself and my progress.
— Paula Jirgena
I absolutely love Kiri’s classes and can’t recommend them highly enough. Hosted at her home studio, the sessions are small and intimate with a very relaxed feel. Kiri is brilliant at explaining all of the poses and every class is different, varied and dynamic, offering a challenging workout followed by a relaxing and revitalising shavasana at the end. I look forward to my hour of yoga each week!
— Katy Mason