frequently asked questions


How do I book a class?
Contact me here and let me know which yoga class you are keen to attend.

What is the cost of a class?
Group classes cost between £10 - £15 and private 1:1 classes are £45 - they take place at my home studio in Tunbridge Wells or at your home.

What is Yoga?
the literal translation means union between the body and mind. It is a collection of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. On the surface it can be seen or interpreted as postures and movement, however it encompasses so much more, tapping into emotional and mental wellbeing. It tends to offer one insight into themselves and their surroundings.

What should I wear?
Men tend to wear shorts and a t-shirt whilst women tend to wear tighter fitting leggings and gym tops. For a slower class, baggy clothes will be suitable, but for a faster pace, it will be much easier for you to wear clothing that hugs the body.

What class suits me best?
I teach in the following three styles: gentle hatha, vinyasa flow and power yoga. If you want to focus on flexibility, mobility and feel a sense of relaxation, a gentle hatha class is best suited; otherwise I call this yoga for all. Vinyasa flow yoga will offer you a more dynamic version of hatha, with quicker transitions. Power yoga is for someone who wants to sweat and challenge themselves physically and mentally, it is a dynamic practice where you will leave feeling energised.

Do I need to bring a mat?
Ideally, yes. I would recommend purchasing your own mat if you do not already have one (you can find incredibly cost friendly mats in TK Maxx and Sports Direct, however I would recommend Lulu Lemon and Liforme if you want to avoid slipping). Having said this, I do have mats myself that you can borrow.

I'm not flexible, can I do Yoga?
If you are not flexible, this is why you should be doing yoga. I teach many beginners and many that have very tight muscles. Flexibility in yoga is not so that you can lunge into the splits, it is about making daily tasks easier - such as putting on socks or twisting in the car to see your blind spot. A favourite quote of mine 'yoga is not about tightening your arse, it's about getting your head out of it'.

What are the main benefits of Yoga?
There are many... increased flexibility, improves posture, improves sleep, increased strength and muscle tone, improved athletic performance, improved body awareness. Yoga offers techniques to manage stress; regular practice can offer mental clarity and tends to relax the mind. In addition, it is very effective to develop a more positive outlook on life. Find out some more here.