Corporate Yoga

In 2016/2017, work related stress, anxiety and depression were reported to have resulted in 12.5 million sick days, which subsequently cost the UK economy billions (hse). "Stress places immense demands on employees' physical and mental health and well-being, impacting their behaviour, performance and relationships with colleagues. It's a major cause of long-term absence from work" (cipd). The numbers of those suffering with stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace seem to be increasing year by year; 2 in 3 people in the USA are reported to be dealing with psychological issues caused by stress (fermin).

Companies that invest in employee wellbeing report to have less staff turnover, less absence and less accident/injuries. Of course, it is not just the mental wellbeing of staff that should be a concern, but also the physical; sitting static and hunched at a desk for 8+ hours a day is far from ideal. Research shows that when employees exercise during the workday, they manage their time more effectively, are more productive, and have smoother interactions with colleagues after. 

how can yoga help?

Wellbeing solutions such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation can directly help ease the stresses, strains, aches and pains of busy working lives. Yoga will stretch out tight muscles, improve fitness, strengthen the entire body and help improve posture, so that desk induced back pain will subside. Research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs, reduce their annual health insurance premiums, therefore improving their bottom line.

how do we get started?

Get in touch. Enter your details in the form below or email / call me directly to enquire and ask any necessary questions. I can offer a taster class to see whether it would be popular with your employees and we would then go from there. 


"I feel physically energised yet mentally relaxed when leaving a yoga class so I return to my desk with more energy and clarity." - A. Cole

"It (yoga) really helps me switch off from the world and clears my mind. It's so nice to focus on myself, my body movements and feel like nothing exists beyond the four walls. It definitely puts me in a calmer, more positive mindset to take on the rest of the day and week!" - C. Staniforth

frequently asked questions

Are you insured? Yes I have public liability insurance.

Do we need to provide mats and equipment? It is common for the company to invest in mats and equipment for classes. If that is not an option - I can provide mats and equipment (blocks, straps).

How long are the classes? Class lengths can be altered to suit the company; popular times and lengths are 45 minutes in the lunch hour and an hour after/before working hours.

Where will the classes take place? Usually they will take place in a spare room/conference space/gym/larger room within the office. If there is no space available in the office, we can explore alternative locations locally.

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