Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

My memories of school, ages 5-18, are almost entirely wonderful. I made friends for life, messed around with them, became netball captain, tormented teachers, became teachers pet, wore too much eyeliner, realised I loved geography, realised I hated PE, chased boys like nothing else and rolled my skirt up one too many times like any other grammar school girl. 

Coffee + Cleansing

In my last year at University, coffee was part of my daily ritual where I would take myself to the local Costa/Starbucks, drink my soya latte and spend six hours straight glued to my laptop #CrazyUniLife. Before that, coffee was never a necessity, nor something I even liked that much. Over that year I developed a routine in which I felt most productive, and an absolute non-negotiable essential of that routine was my 10am caffeine fix.